Two guys met in a pub at a meeting for some local film festival. One was a London-based producer/director, the other one a Slovenian videographer. They both knew way too many movie quotes so they decided to go for a beer again as not to disturb other, normal people with their geek movie talk. Many evenings were spent saving the world reminiscing cinemas greatest moments. They have both immersed themselves into filmmaking in one way or another. Hell, the big producer guy has already been to Cannes. Twice! A sober conclusion was made – after many a pint of local craft brewed ale – that they should stop talking about shots and dialogues and actors and lenses and twists and behind the scenes stories and how they could’ve done it way better than that guy who got crowdfunded and then sent the movie to festivals and is now living his dreams and just go on and do it.

So they started a short web-series called Espresso and found out they work pretty well together. That their ideas are of similar strangeness and they don’t annoy each other too much.
A documentary they embarked upon next only strengthened their wish to make a narrative short. Luckily one of them had a boring enough job to let his imagination spark during a lunch break and a few pints later, lo and behold, the first draft for The Pitch was born.
It only seemed natural that their better halves came along on the journey as well, helping out with telling and visualising the whole story. The word got around, more people got involved and the story is now exactly where it is with you reading it dear fellow film lover.

We really want to finish this story and are now turning to you. We know how kitschy and cliche it sounds but do need your help. We are launching our Kickstarter campaign October 1st and will need all the help we can get; whether it’s just like-ing, share-ing and tweeting on social media or contributing your Friday pints’ allowance. You won’t believe how long a way these things can go.
We have decided to go for all-or-nothing system so if we don’t reach our specified amount of money, you don’t part with your money.

Thank you very much for everything that you are doing. You are making quite a few grown-up kids dreams’ come true.

We stand and salute you!

Producer and director engaged in some serious pointing at screen.
Producer and director engaged in some serious pointing at screen.

“The day we stop lookin’, Charlie, is the day we die.”
– Lt. Col. Frank Slade, Scent of a woman