Who the hell are you?

Creating order from chaos and stories from order has been my job for the last ten years. Starting as a video editor on a local news TV, later freelancing and leading a team of editors on a larger commercial television. I dipped my toes in short films, documentaries, music videos and commercials. When I’m not slicing and merging clips, I like to imagine I’m a writer and spend many a sleepless night spilling ink.
Be it a movie or a book, as long as it smells of stories.




Hi there Brian! What is it we need to know about you?

I like to think that if I spot someone who has that spark, or hear an idea that makes me listen (short attention span us producers) then I am the man to get it made. I make sure that the director is surrounded by the most talented crew and cast that I can find. I’m all about using what you have and renting, borrowing and blagging what you don’t to get the director’s vision into a film can. It isn’t always easy and it isn’t always fun, but I create worlds and what megalomanic wouldn’t love that.

You sound like a cool guy! So why The Pitch?

I simply had to be involved in The Pitch. It is a film geeks film. It is also a filmmakers film, the tale of a Director pitching a Producer. You have to trust me when I say that I have been both director and producer in this scenario. I have been pitched to by desperate storytellers and been a desperate storyteller myself.  It is about an experience that all film directors have to go through and something that is unfortunately almost unheard of in Film Schools. This is an amazing and funny homage not just to films but to the process itself and I love it.

Director of Photography


Chopper, seriously? Surely there’s more you can tell us about yourself?

I am serious and don’t call me Shirley.

Okay… Why did you decide to lens The Pitch?

I got lost on the way to college, Sir.



What is it we need to know about you?

I’m a #polishgirl and a restless searcher of who I want to be. So far I’ve been a pharmacist, a painter, a pianist, a vice president of a volunteering centre, a hockey player, a portraitist and recently a storyboarder. I like every sort of art and film is one of them.
I love creative people although I usually envy their ideas. I don’t like queueing for fitting rooms and sushi.

Why this movie then?

Well, it’s not only because I sleep with the director but I really find it disruptive and outside the box. It’s a splendid movie because only a careful viewer will notice the triumph of form over content. Can you imagine this? Actually you don’t need to. Just watch!

Art Director


Why hello there!

Hi, I am a 22 years old Italian Londoner!
I love eating (lots), watching films (obviously) and being by the sea.
I have been into art ever since I can remember and I am now a keen painter and photographer. I love working on the production design of a film as it allows me to view the project from so many different angles and it is a great way to have a true artistic input and influence on the final look and feel of the film!

Any specific reasons for joining the The Pitch team?

I decided to join the crew after having read the script – it was just so clever and unique and made me (I promise) actually laugh out loud as I started to understand all the little cinematography twists! It’s simply brilliant and of course all the rest of the team is superb, something I really wanted to be a part of!


Script Consultant


A word about yourself maybe?

Some say I have a dark mind but I like to think I’m merely curious and open to possibilities. Especially the possibilities of murder, betrayal and identity (on the page naturally). I’ve written numerous short films and am currently penning my second feature length script. I also author a blog on film and London life, so you might find me (with pen) in a pub near you. Don’t worry, there’s nothing to be nervous about.

Why work on The Pitch?

Who wouldn’t want to be involved with The Pitch? The script is clever, witty and jam packed full of film references that had me smiling instantly. It’s a wonderful creative and collaborative project that presents a fresh and original short film concept.  People are going to love it.