We are live!

It’s official people: We are live on Kickstarter!
Our short film crowdfunding campaign will end 11th November and we need to reach £7000.
Feel free to check out our video and share it with your friends (or foes, so long as they’re cool).
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9 tips to brainstorm you short film ideas


The fact that this video is more than a year old doesn’t make it any less useful. As a matter of fact, for any of you short film screenwriters and directors out there, I’d say it’s a bit of a must-watch.

If you don’t read anything else about screenwriting just read this

While I’m on the journey to making my short film I’m trying to devour anything and everything I get on all aspects of filmmaking. There’s countless of advise out there; some of them useful, some of them self-propaganda and some of them that just want to rip you off. As much as I think Sorkin is a genius and as much as I love him I’m slowly starting to get cold shivers whenever he appears in every single browser tab I open. I know he has masterclasses, I checked the site and I’m pretty sure they kick ass. But can you please stop bombarding me. Continue reading “If you don’t read anything else about screenwriting just read this”

Is it at all possible to avoid procrastination?

There’s not many things I’m extremely good at. Not a fact to be proud of, I know. A fact to be even less proud of is that one of the things on this list is procrastinating. If you could make money out of procrastinating I probably wouldn’t make a penny constantly postponing procrastination.

Just a glass
I just really need that coffee right now. And to be honest I haven’t properly cleaned my room for at least a week. Just a quick check on Amazon about that plug… My keyboard is so dirty. Is it five o’clock already? Nah, I’ll look into it tomorrow. I don’t need to do it so urgently anyway. And so my Monday’s work flips over to weekend and, well, weekends are for relaxation.
And then I get angry at myself and frustrated for not doing absolutely anything. Why do I do this? Why do I keep repeating the same mistake over and over again when I know I’m going to be angry and the work will not be finished? How will I ever do anything in my life? Is there a way around this? Continue reading “Is it at all possible to avoid procrastination?”