Seems our director likes to dream…

… just let him.

Big bright shining star


So the film was painted?

While we’re busy counting days until the Kickstarter launch for our short film it doesn’t hurt if we keep expanding our knowledge about film. Especially knowing the theme of our movie.
It will take you only twenty minutes but it will for sure – and we vouch for it! – leave you wiser and more educated.
From the first hand-painted frames (man they look stunning!) to the first digitally graded Coen brother’s film.
Feast your eyes kids!

Commence countdown!

We are now officially counting days to our Kickstarter campaign launch. In seven days we will be up and ready to fund our short film.
The Kicstarter video is ready and polished and it kind of turned into a short film for pitching a short film. Which is what our short film is all about. And that’s a lot of “short films” in two sentences. Continue reading “Commence countdown!”

Editing in daVinci Resolve


If you’re working on a budget – and being a filmmaker pretty much means being on a budget – why don’t you save some money in your post-production and download daVinci Resolve. It’s completely free and, what’s best, it’s completely high-end professional tool for post-production.
There is a Studio version which is payable but trust me, for your indie short film this is more than you will ever need.
And just to help you out here’s a video with a few tips on how to use it (the video is meant to be for users who are already familiar with daVinci Resolve but so it won’t hurt if you download it first and click through it to get a grip).

We have a new poster!

Since The Pitch is all about homage we thought it appropriate to also make a poster that would be a nod to history of moving pictures. and who better to turn to than the great Saul Bass.
Our storyboarder Magdalena took to acrils and brushes and brought to life this beauty. We are more than proud of it.

The Pitch

How I learned to stop worrying and love the superhero movies

Suicide Flop

With all that buzz around the Suicide Squad I went and watch it. I’m not a fan of superhero movies but I like to watch them every now and then to see what they came up with. And because I’m curious at what they are capable of doing with the technology today. And, well, I’m a bit of a geek, so what?
I watched the Batman v Superman just before that (the whole, three hour long, ultimate edition) and much to my surprise it didn’t strike me as complete rubbish. But I get it why it was a flop – It’s a superhero movie made with the seriousness of Saving private Ryan, filled with great iconic moments that have no purpose but to look cool. This is a movie about a guy who came from another planet and has super powers. Sorry if I don’t take it war-existential-drama seriously.  Continue reading “How I learned to stop worrying and love the superhero movies”