Note to self (or things I’ve learned)

Be it making a short film, launching a Kickstarter campaign or just kicking through life.
Let’s hope I don’t forget this.

Try. Always try. Try hard and then try harder. You’ll never know how hard others are trying. But you will always try harder than you can.

Never go for average. Even if your result will seem average, you tried for better. Better is what pushes average a bit higher.

Always surround yourself with people better and smarter than you. They will make you be better. Listen to them, accept their critics and think it over. Use what’s useful. Not everything is always useful.

Never get stuck in the comorfatble zone. It’s nice and cozy but it doesn’t get you anywhere. When you’re in the comfort zone it means you’re ready for another step. Go for it.

Always rely mainly on yourself. You will meet a lot of people. A lot of people talk, few really help. If they do, it’s a plus. If the don’t, you weren’t relying on them in the first place.

Never give up. There will be moments when nothing will make sense and your goal will seem unreachable and sensless. Push it. Crawl, bite and fight yourself out. The tougher the mountain, the better the view.

Always respect other people’s time. Anyone who decided to share their time with you decided to give the only thing they’ve got – time. So give them yours. Without checking your phone while doing it.

Never forget people that helped you.

Always love. Love what you do, do what you love and love the ones close to you. And be sure to tell and show them that regulary.

Never stop learning. The day you stop learning is the day you die.

Stop writing and reading this kind of bullshit and get shit done.


So the film was painted?

While we’re busy counting days until the Kickstarter launch for our short film it doesn’t hurt if we keep expanding our knowledge about film. Especially knowing the theme of our movie.
It will take you only twenty minutes but it will for sure – and we vouch for it! – leave you wiser and more educated.
From the first hand-painted frames (man they look stunning!) to the first digitally graded Coen brother’s film.
Feast your eyes kids!

Commence countdown!

We are now officially counting days to our Kickstarter campaign launch. In seven days we will be up and ready to fund our short film.
The Kicstarter video is ready and polished and it kind of turned into a short film for pitching a short film. Which is what our short film is all about. And that’s a lot of “short films” in two sentences. Continue reading “Commence countdown!”

HR Giger on your coffee table


Taschen is realising HR Giger’s art in a limited edition book this October. If you don’t know who we are talking about it’s the Swiss guy who made the Alien montser and influenced so many and so much.
The SUMO-sized monograph will cost you Continue reading “HR Giger on your coffee table”

Film Titles ARE Important!

We gave a lot of thought to putting creative titles to our film as well but there’s a couple of problems. First one is it’s a short film and no one wants to watch two minutes of titles in a ten minute movie and the second one is budget. You want good titles – you need a good title creator.
That said we at least made the poster in that direction.
Enjoy the video!

GoPro Hero 5 finally an all-in-1 thing?

So the GoPro Hero 5 was just introduced and it looks like it’s finally somtehing we want. Not that the previous ones weren’t on our “I-wish-I-get-it-this-Christmas” list but the fact that the camera doesn’t need any extra protective housing and the image is finally starting to look a bit high-end it might end up in our on-set box of goodies.
But let us not be the judge, check it out! (and don’t stare at those surfer’s bums too much)