And this is what our Kickstarter Campaign looks like

Yes, I won’t lie, I am quite proud on how the whole thing looks. We have a surprising number of backers and still going on full steam ahead.
Please share it and, well, just talk about it.


We are live!

It’s official people: We are live on Kickstarter!
Our short film crowdfunding campaign will end 11th November and we need to reach £7000.
Feel free to check out our video and share it with your friends (or foes, so long as they’re cool).
Kickstarter link


Film Titles ARE Important!

We gave a lot of thought to putting creative titles to our film as well but there’s a couple of problems. First one is it’s a short film and no one wants to watch two minutes of titles in a ten minute movie and the second one is budget. You want good titles – you need a good title creator.
That said we at least made the poster in that direction.
Enjoy the video!

If you don’t read anything else about screenwriting just read this

While I’m on the journey to making my short film I’m trying to devour anything and everything I get on all aspects of filmmaking. There’s countless of advise out there; some of them useful, some of them self-propaganda and some of them that just want to rip you off. As much as I think Sorkin is a genius and as much as I love him I’m slowly starting to get cold shivers whenever he appears in every single browser tab I open. I know he has masterclasses, I checked the site and I’m pretty sure they kick ass. But can you please stop bombarding me. Continue reading “If you don’t read anything else about screenwriting just read this”

How I learned to stop worrying and love the superhero movies

Suicide Flop

With all that buzz around the Suicide Squad I went and watch it. I’m not a fan of superhero movies but I like to watch them every now and then to see what they came up with. And because I’m curious at what they are capable of doing with the technology today. And, well, I’m a bit of a geek, so what?
I watched the Batman v Superman just before that (the whole, three hour long, ultimate edition) and much to my surprise it didn’t strike me as complete rubbish. But I get it why it was a flop – It’s a superhero movie made with the seriousness of Saving private Ryan, filled with great iconic moments that have no purpose but to look cool. This is a movie about a guy who came from another planet and has super powers. Sorry if I don’t take it war-existential-drama seriously.  Continue reading “How I learned to stop worrying and love the superhero movies”