Is your life miserable?
Are you looking for a change?
Is your life perfectly OK and you don’t want it to change?
Do you want to support a team of independent filmmakers?
Do you just want the damn T-shirt?

If your answer to any of these questions was YES – boy do we have something just for you!


Look at her shining in her brand new The Pitch T-shirt!
Look at her shining in her brand new The Pitch T-shirt!

There is a few things you need to know about our T-shirts:

  • they are grey!
  • they have white print!
  • they are seamless! (so there’s less stuff for you to worry about)
  • they come in all sizes! (from the slick S to the extravagant XXL)
  • they’re for boys and girls!
  • they immediately make you look amazing!
The print is a frame of our storyboard, hand-drawn by our very talented Magda.
A perfect gift for talented directors!
A perfect gift for talented directors! *military cap and amazing directing beard not included

This amazing product that made out of 50% love and 50% support can be yours for the amazing price of £11.99 (plus delivery).
Consisting out of two 1’s and two 9’s this is the most balanced-looking price you’ll ever pay for a T-shirt!

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Every T-shirt will be shipped with four accompanying beermats. Just because we think you’re so super cool!

If you are still not completely convinced watch our video where we thoroughly tested them:

And just to top off here are some testimonials from some random users:


“The moment I put it on I got an amazing idea for my script! I always wear it when having a writer’s block!”
– Sinead, screenwriter


I was never confident enough to take pictures of myself. I am now taking selfies wherever I go. Even in other people’s bathrooms. This T-shirt changed my life!
– Brian, producer