How I learned to stop worrying and love the superhero movies

Suicide Flop

With all that buzz around the Suicide Squad I went and watch it. I’m not a fan of superhero movies but I like to watch them every now and then to see what they came up with. And because I’m curious at what they are capable of doing with the technology today. And, well, I’m a bit of a geek, so what?
I watched the Batman v Superman just before that (the whole, three hour long, ultimate edition) and much to my surprise it didn’t strike me as complete rubbish. But I get it why it was a flop – It’s a superhero movie made with the seriousness of Saving private Ryan, filled with great iconic moments that have no purpose but to look cool. This is a movie about a guy who came from another planet and has super powers. Sorry if I don’t take it war-existential-drama seriously. 

And since this was a huge flop I thought the guys wearing tuxedos at Warner Brothers learned a lesson or two. And since all the bets to even the odds were on Suicide Squad it’s going to be an absolute delight. I won’t get into details about everything that doesn’t work in that movie but to invest just shy of 200 million dollars in a movie and not hire a proper, maybe award-winning, screenwriter? When was it exactly that the studios went “Nah, forget the content. Just make it shiny with loads of cool effects and A-listers. People don’t give a shit about the story.” No wonder they are producing flop after flop.

On the one hand I am angry because they underestimate the viewers and are just feeding them shit but am quite optimistic about the whole thing on the other. This might be a good thing for the rest of the struggling movie industry. People will always want good stories and if they won’t be able to get them at the supermarket they will start shopping local. And this is where we, the indies come in. More and more big actors go working on smaller movies because they like the freshness of it. Same goes with the audience. I’m pretty sure studios will see they can’t go on the way they do and will start contracting new names because of the ideas and we will, hopefully, have the 70’s all over again.
There have been quite a few short films turned into features, some of them even winning academy awards (remember Whiplash?) and Netflix seems to be quite keen on buying indie features as well.

There are no two words in the English language more harmful than 'good job
There are no two words in the English language more harmful than ‘good job’

I don’t want to be unrealistic and overly optimistic but something will have to change. An old Indian proverb goes that if you wait on the river bank long enough the body will eventually come floating by by itself. And while we wait we make the stories that we like and love and cannot be anything else but fresh.

And if there are still those who doubt superhero movies can be done indie way. Well, here you are:


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